Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Compramos una Camioneta!

We bought a van!
So the summer plan was to save pennies and get ourselves sorted for the off, meaning: buying a van to kit out as a camper or buy one half ready to go.
After browsing the internet, scarily as we'd never done it before, we found a gem in Falmouth, a mere 290 miles away from Señor Spoon and further for me, we took the plunge and bought it, mainly on good faith!
4am, Saturday 3rd saw us leave on our, what became 8 hour journey, in a hire car, I will add: that we had to return by 12 in Penryn, which we only had booked one way, so if we were late or didn't buy the van for what ever reason, we were... let's say up the creek.
But... all was well, we arrived bang on 12, in the pouring rain, got picked up by the owner of the van and were off to his to check it out... in the rain, all the rain.
In summery, we got very wet looking it over, going through all the bits and bobs: solar panels, oven/grill, hob, fridge, bed, engine, batteries... then had a cuppa while we paid the man and sorted tax.
Our chum King Kev became our driver for the whole journey as absolutely none of 4am agreed with me, we drove to Falmouth for a spot of lunch, then we were off to Dartmoor to park up for the night.

Dartmoor Stone Circle, King Kev and the van

The rain persisted, we got wet, the van wasn't perfectly water tight, but it was better than a tent!
We had a glorious walk around the centre of Darmoor on Sunday and started our journey across every county on the south coast, we were doing it properly!
We cracked on up to Sailsbury for chips, as you do, circumnavigated Southampton, then on to East Sussex, stopped for an hour to swap stuff, then to deliver me back to Kent, I got home at 10pm, this being a Sunday night, Señor Spoon and King Kev had to head back...1:30am! Eep!
But it was SO worth it, we have a van, it was an adventure and the van's had a proper, proper run.

Señor Spoon's and King Kev have been sorting it out while I've been Kenting, so will have piccies soon!

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