Thursday, 24 December 2015

Es víspera de Navidad

It's Christmas Eve and the first time I've actually felt Christmassy. Spain in winter has so far been like late summer or early autumn, today however it's super, super chilly and pretty foggy! The dogs have insisted on being indoors, the cats incessant as ever and I think we can confidently say it's going to be in indoor day for us too.
So, I've got a list of things we've done in the last couple of week I've been meaning to post, but first things first...
In this Christmassy mood that's struck me, I have fashioned our Christmas tree! Every year we fashion a tree from found and natural things this year we have the luxury of pine trees and oranges on the land! I couldn't help myself from bringing a few decorations from home (stocking, handmade wooden and card decorations that we've been given over the years). I did also bring some tiny fairy lights, but they are up already, adorning a felt snowflake garland.

More presents than tree!
Wonders what you can do with 3 branches of pine, some string, an orange and some cloves.
Merry Chrimbola!

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