Monday, 23 May 2016

Pesto de Espinacas, ñam!

Spinach Pesto, nom!
We've got tons of Perpetual Spinach up the allotment at the moment, and after the toasty spell we had the other week, and us not getting up there to water, it meant it's bolted, bugger (I didn't think we'd ever kill it). So I took a bunch of the bolted stalks, in an attempt to stop the bolt (it hasn't worked), and thought I'd fashion a pesto.
After some goggling, I found a couple of recipes online to bastardise, they're rarely exactly what you after. So, the recipe is adapted from these 2 sites:, The latter is hilarious and is like you're in the kitchen with MissBossLady herself.
My recipe is a little boshed together and I didn't really weigh stuff and that which I did was using scales that are, well, shit...

Trying to weigh spinach with shit scales

The stuff:
  • 375g (ish) hojas de espinacas/spinach leaves (washed, chunky stems and nasties removed)
  • 2 paquetes (140g) de albahaca fresca/fresh basil
  • 4 puñados/handfuls (250g?, it looked about half of my 500g pack) nueces orgánicas/organic walnuts
  • 4 dientes de ajo/garlic cloves
  • 200/250ml aceite de oliva extra virgen/extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 pizcas/pinches sal/salt
  • jugo de 1 limón/juice of 1 lemon

Half of the stuff in the djzuzzer
The how:
  1. Well, this should be very quick and easy, however, if you've acquired your spinach from an allotment, which needs cleaning, de-stalking and de-nasty-bits-ing, then this will add at least an hour and a with your spinach all beautiful-like, and I guess depending on the size of your 'djzuzz-er', blender thing, shove everything in your chosen device, if it'll fit, or half as mine was a tidler: spinach, basil, nuts, garlic. oil, lemon.
  2. Biltz, pulse and generally abuse the mix until it is somewhat less big and more smushed, it gues until it resembles pesto... huh, who knew. If the mix isn't blending or little-ing, then it might need some more liquid (oil or lemon juice), or a good shake to get the chunky bits down to the blade.
  3. If you need to, do the same to the other half, dumping the first in a bowl, trying not to loose the blade in the mix...! Repeat and add to first batch.
  4. When all ingredients are pesto-like, taste, add extra things: more salt/lemon/oil, it's your batch, flavour as you like.
  5. Shove into sterilised jars, poke to get rid of any air bubblies and top with a bit more olive oil. Store/give away/devour.

Aerial shot of the goods, giant to keep, littles to give away

Nom, nom, nom

Eat with:
So far I've had it: on pasta, with tons of cheese; taken it to work and gave everyone lunch (fresh bread, mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes); and just smeared on bread.

I'd love to know if anyone makes it, did you change it at all?

Photos funked up with: using settings: Sara/Shine/Round :)

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